String Cheese Incident Red Rocks Amphitheatre July 20, 2019

Cheese fans are some of the most dedicated there is in the music fan world and Saturday night at Red Rocks was a textbook expression, the show was delayed from the start due to lightning and it continued to rain off and on most of the night. Did this dampen the Cheese fans spirits, hell no! As I pulled in the parking lot, they were partying in the rain and once the gates open they continued it right on in, gotta love ’em! String Cheese didn’t disappoint and after warming up with Keller Williams, they continued with 2 sets of their own finishing with a thunderous tribute to the Apollo Lunar Landing, or should I say ‘A String Cheese Lunar Incident with the Close Encounters movie theme song, jamming to a backdrop of Apollo footage done Cheese style’. Everything came together for one of the better Cheese shows I’ve covered, which is quite a few! String Cheese Incident is one of the more entertaining shows you can experience, never know what they’re going to do and their music covers all ages and genres, something for everybody.


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