Turkuaz / Neal Francis – Madison Theater, Covington, KY

Nine-piece funk band Turkuaz took over the Madison Theater on a rainy Kentucky with a show that was impossible not so shake your ass too. But it was more than just a dance party, it was a display of musicianship and showmanship usually associated with arena shows. The night with opener Neal Francis conjuring the vibe of the late Doctor John’s clavinet-based greasy New Orleans funk. Rarely is a paring of acts so symbiotic. So much so in fact that Turkuaz drummer Michelangelo Carubba even filled in on drums for Francis’s set.

Carubba’s double duty didn’t dampen the funk for the Turkuaz set as he made his way behind the drums before his band mates to kick off the show. From minute one, Turkuaz’s mission was clear… make sure everyone in the room was moving their asses. In most shows, there are dozens (if not more) of patrons watching the show through their phones, but not last night. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy as the energy built, forgetting the outside world and surrendering to the joy of a skillfully delivered set. Turkuaz reminds us of the purpose of music – to escape. Escape our worldly troubles, escape our ever-present electronic tethers. To truly let the music move you.

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