can remember the first time I heard Futurebirds. It was 2014, I was driving through Ohio listening to Spotify radio that had taken over from a playlist I’d made. The first track of their sophomore album “Virginia Slims” came through the speakers of my Kia Soul, and I was immediately thrusted into this dreamy atmosphere that had psychedelic country woven into lyrics that just make you want to sing along. I distinctly remember saying out loud to myself in awe “What the fuck is this?”


For my 41st year, I (Brian), will be posting weekly playlists of anything that catches my ear. 

Sometimes I’ll just put my music library on shuffle for hours, but sometimes the first song will send me down a genre or artist rabbit hole. Other days, I’ll hear something that will remind me to listen to something I’ve forgotten about. I also have a habit of listening to bands a bit before I photograph them or dig into a festival lineup in the weeks leading up to it.

Follow along for some new discoveries, forgotten classics, and maybe even a few that would surprise you.

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