ypress, the new EP from rising New York-based singer/songwriter Sarah Kinsley, is out now via Everybody’s Music. Written, performed and produced entirely by Kinsley, the new music showcases the songstress’ lofty range as an artist as it veers from one shade to another and one cascading melody into the next.

“I stared at the trees, searching through the slivers of light, the cracks of what might be, the life that might contain itself within the green. And this is where the EP began. Understanding that my own shying away from the dual ideas of who I was, the inability to pick up the pen, all of this was some form of hiding, protecting, saving. Perhaps a part of me felt that I might lose all of myself, if not for the cypress, if not for the thing that might save me. Can we make art and still save a part of ourselves?”

In support of the new music Kinsley is set for a select run of headlining tour dates this summer, including sold-out performances at New York’s Bowery Ballroom, Chicago’s Schubas, D.C.’s Union Stage and more. The shows follow Kinsley’s sold-out dates at Los Angeles’ Moroccan Lounge and Francisco’s Café Du Nord; see below for the full routing. 

Since the release of Kinsley’s debut EP The King, she has been busying herself between college lectures and building an already fiercely passionate fanbase. Unsurprisingly it’s a fanbase built on discovery, but with Kinsley it’s almost solely built via social media, especially on TikTok where her music posts have garnered nearly nine million likes and over 400,000 followers. More music from Kinsley is slated to come soon as she’s gearing up to release a new body of work this year.

Cypress has already begun to receive critical praise; Atwood Magazine raves that the record is “a captivating and cathartic serenade, and one that I’ll be surely coming back to time and again, if only to bask in the glow of Sarah Kinsley’s singular, seductive singing voice.”

In addition, Kinsley’s short film for the track “Cypress” premieres today, which she co-wrote alongside frequent creative-collaborator Lux; watch/share it HERE.
Kinsley recalls, “when my family and I travelled to California, nearly a month after the release of [debut EP] The King, I felt the strongest connection—physical, emotional, spiritual—to a place than any I had ever known before. I had spent most of my life between my small hometown in Connecticut and the vastly different island of Singapore. Driving through California, I didn’t feel at home necessarily, but I felt free. I grew attached to cypress trees, searching for them along the freeways, trying to decipher their meanings, and why I could not distract myself away from their mystique.”

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