Interview: Daisy the great

Photos & words courtesy of Harry Acosta — Website | Instagram | Facebook

Daisy the Great performed a sold out show at the Basement on Friday with support from touring bandmate Cat Lau, and soloist Olive Klug. All were adored by the crowd. The quirky, funny, and meaningful performances for their first headlining tour was received by adults and children alike. Young boys sang along to Olive Kulg’s “Parched” from her latest release Casting Spells from earlier this year. Cat Lau made instant fans of people who had never heard his name before. Daisy the Great’s vocal harmonies were received with the warmth and excitement of long-lost childhood friends.

Before the show, Mina, Kelley, and I discussed their plans and joys of touring together for the first time as a 6-piece band.

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