My Morning Jacket – MegaCorp Pavilion 6-24-23

I have been going to My Morning Jacket shows ever since I decided to stay for their set at Bonnaroo in 2004 despite warnings of an approaching storm. . .and an actual storm. Through all the performances I’ve attended–from One Big Holiday, Forecastle Festival, several Bonnaroos, to shows in Ohio, Michigan, Connecticut, Maryland and more–I cannot recall them opening with Phone Went West.  What a way to start show! From the celebrated 2001 release, At Dawn, Phone Went West is somewhat of a slow burn, but transforms into a classic scream along: “Tell me I’m wrong ~ Tell me I’m right ~ Tell me there’s nobody else in the world.” And scream along the crowd did.  With the crowd in the proper mind set, the band went into I’m Amazed.  Then just as I was catching my breath, the opening notes of The Way That He Sings rang out–one of my personal favorites that holds more memories and emotions than I can count. After Love Love Love the boys jumped back into fan favorite Mahgeetah. By the frenetic end of Mahgeetah, the crowd was fully and properly energized for a full night of MMJ. 

I cannot imagine what it takes mentally and physically to perform before adoring fans night in and night out. Those who are frequent concert-goers have all attended a show or two where the energy was “off” or the band just seemed out sorts. It happens from time to time. This was not the case with Jim, Carl, Tommy, and Bo at MegCorp Pavilion on Saturday evening. They seemed primed and ready to go from the outset. They rolled through The Bear – I Will Sing You Songs – Victory Dance and Touch Me I’m Going to Scream Pt 1, then on to Circuital – Feel You – Gideon – Lay Low and State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U) before completely leaving jaws on the ground with Cobra into Run Through. The band properly ended the show with One Big Holiday. All is right with the world. Catch this tour if you can.     

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